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After having received successful feedbacks in foreign publications by academics who entrusted Meddikal ’s experience over many years and the work quality, we provided services for all of the University Hospitals in Turkey. You know now that when you send your publications, you will no longer receive criticisms with regard to language!

Our medical tourism activities and provision of daily medical report translation services to the hospitals and hospital groups continue as long term. Documents, the apprehensiveness of which can affect the human health, are translated in the highest quality and in the shortest time by the translation team of Meddikal , totally comprising doctors.

Meddikal , which has worked on thousands of academic, commercial etc., and medical publications and translations since 1998 till today, has proven its experience by realizing successful the work it has produced.

Meddikal has exhibited its endeavors together with many international networks and progresses the editing of studies with the physicians team providing services in their mother tongue.

Our team has been developing specific medical translation and editing services and having focused on this area, it has put forth its specialized activities.With all of the afore-mentioned coming together, the company has acquired the satisfaction of thousands of clients in Turkey and the rest of the world.



With the aim of increasing the level of scientific development, Meddikal has been established, proceeding from the point that information gains value when shared, utilizing a core skeleton comprising physicians who have resided abroad for …


All translations and editings have been confirmed by Meddikal with regard to language and Professional talents, and the translations are perforemd by our team comprising doctors experienced in languages. Goal of our group: to …

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