Frequently Asked Questions



You may find below the inquiries and evaluations you may encounter regarding MEDDİKAL Medical Publishing and Translation Group activities. Should you have questions regarding subjects that are not found below, you may use the contact page on the site and forward your inquiries.

In what languages do you provide medical translation services?

Primarily, in English, but we also provide medical translatşion and editing services in frequently spoken languages, namely Arabic, Russian, German and French, and also in other languages.

How long does it take to edit an article? 

After having received the written confirmation from the owner of teh article, the article’s editing will be completed within a period of 7 working days. As the articles that are sent to Meddikal are put into process according to the date (chronologically), in the case of a delay or an early completion time, information will certainly be relayed to you by email.

How do you evaluate and measure the medical sufficiency of your medical team?

The team evaluating or translating the article in Meddikal comprises completely of doctors.   Interpreters who are not physicians are not accepted by Meddikal . Doctors who will be recruited to do translations or editing are accepted into our team following a language tests and various evaluations.

How is the doctor who will carry out the translation of a document we have sent you chosen?  

Files that are sent to Meddikal in order to be translated, are evaluated by the editors of our group with regard to discipline, volume, objective article and similar criteria, an  ’e çevrilmesi için gönderilen dosyalar, grud each file is taken into consideration a a separate project. Following this assessment, the most appropriate physician translator is chosen, and the translation is undertaken.

I have collected English articles similar to the article I have sent for translation. Should I send them along with the article?

Many medical publication journals now carry out comparisons of your articles with PUBMED and Google, and should a similar sentence be determined to have been previously published in another source, the article will not be published. Please do not acquire sections or parts from other articles. The most efficient work for Meddikal will be when we work on articles that you send us, which are completely in Turkish

Are the individuals who perform the editing composed of individuals with a medical background? 

All editing activities at Meddikal are carried out by foreign physicians. Turkish articles that are not understood by the foreign physicians are mutually evaluated and re-arranged by our doctors, and this matter is informed to the owner of the article.

I wish to have my Turkish article translated into English, but I do not want my study to be gotten hold of by others, and I wish to refrain from this situation.

Our medical publishing and translation group, which has been continuing its activities since 1998, conducts all of its activities within the frames of a non-disclosure agreement. The apprehensiveness of our group regardig this subject will always continue in this way.

If I receive a denial from the journal for some points of the article that has been sent to and translated and edited by Meddikal, with regard to language, would I have to go through a payment procedure again? 

Evaluation studies performed regarding the language for every study that has been translated or edited by Meddikal will be assessed by our editors and the re-modifications are performed free of charge.

What type of activities have you performed with pharmaceutical companies?

We have had the chance to work together with pharmaceutical companies in particular, in the introduction files of the launch of newly produced products, in various research documents, and in the translation of books. Besides all thses, we have assisted in translating the license documents of products that had been newly placed on sale.

What is the reason for you providing services in the medical field only? 

Meddikal  medical publishing and translation group is an institution specialized only in the medical research field. For this reason, we only work in the medical field. Our editors and physician translators have specialized only in this field. Works that are non-medical, are forwarded tos ister companies anda re delivered through them.

You can send us your files immediately for evaluation by our editors