Medical Translation

We have been providing medical translation and editing services since 1998 with Turkish and Foreign physicians. We are gratified with the fact that we are the preference of hospital groups, pharmaceutical copanies, health institutions and thousands of medical academics.

We received an acceptance for the case we sent to the A-Group Journal in approximately 36 hours. Thank you...

Specialist Dr. Hakan A.

I have been working with meddikal for approximately 5 years; thanks to you, I have not encountered any problems with regard to language. Thank you.

Prof. Dr. Ayten S.

The quality of patient reports we send abroad has increased and we are now able to communicate in a more comfortable fashion.

Pınar Y.

Medical translations must be carried out by physicians. Otherwise, the translated test would löse its meaning, and due to the change in the terminology, the desired message cannot be relayed.

Selim K.

How does it work?

All files that are relayed to Meddikal are managed in the following way:


You can send us the file via, or through the form in the Send File link.



Files that are sent to Meddikal are evaluated by our editors, a quote is provided and relayed to the client, and following confirmation of the quote, the file is sent to the specific physician.


Expert Physicians

The files are translated according to the medical discipline, by physicians who are widely experienced in the field of medical translation.


Foreign Doctors

All of the translated material, the editing of which has been performed, are relayed to foreign doctors for a last proof reading, after which teh file is delivered to the client.




We provide medical translation and editing services for all types of material from all languages to all languages.

Medical Translation

Medical Translation Services from Turkish and Foreign physicians.


Medical Editing

Editing services for articles written in a foreign language or translated articles by foreign doctors.


Medical Projects

Project-based medical translation and editing services.


You can send us your files immediately for evaluation by our editors