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Medical Translation

Medical Translation

Your medical translations are made by our team consisting completely of doctors. The translations made by the Turkish doctors, are edited by foreign doctors whose mother tongue is the language that is targeted,and following the edit, the file is delivered to you.

This is the service providing translation of all types of disciplines and the subject content from every language to any other language by our team consisting completely of doctors.

  • Medical Academic (Foreign publication, etc) Translation
  • Medical Article Sworn, Notary-approved and similar Approved Translation
  • Patient Report and medical Test Translation
  • Medical Books, Catalogue, Brochure, Web Contents Translation

Once information regarding the target prepared by the translation is given, the scientific concepts and the presentation are prepared according to the target.


Medical Projects

This is the service providing medical translations of medical books, catalogues, web page, etc. for medical companies, hospitals or pharmaceutical companies, created by the medical publishing and translation team consisting completely of doctors, together with …

Medical Editing

This is the service comprising re-evaluation of previously translated medical publication or material of any discipline and subjects, with regard to language and grammer. Medical Academic (International Publication , etc.) Article Editing Patient Report and Medical Tests …

You can send us your files immediately for evaluation by our editors