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All translations and editings have been confirmed by Meddikal with regard to language and Professional talents, and the translations are perforemd by our team comprising doctors experienced in languages.

Goal of our group: to achieve EXCELLENCE, without compromising speed, CONFIDENTIALITY, RELIABILITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS in the work we do, and in our client relationships. Our services are being provided by abiding by the delivery date assigned by our clients, without compromising our quality and service concept.

While Meddikal targets quality and efficacy in the chain extending to client satisfaction, by proceeding beyond the international quality standards in the meaning of institutionalization, through the utilization of its experiences, materializes the commercial rights that it has determined, and Works continuously in order to provide its clients the most modern and swift services.

Conscious of their responsibilities and as the guarantor of the commitments, all of our units, which proceed with the “unconditional patient satisfaction” insight, deal with the clients’ problems and find the most appropriate solutions and work in the path of applications in the fastest possible way.

Our aim in client satisfaction is to have the client requests directed to and orientated by all of our institution’s units, to have them supported and to provide complete client satisfaction by fulfilling the clients expectations.

The most important quality standard of ours is the determination of a high rate of satisfaction as a result of patient satisfaction measurements.



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After having received successful feedbacks in foreign publications by academics who entrusted Meddikal ’s experience over many years and the work quality, we provided services for all of the University Hospitals in Turkey. You know …

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