About Us



With the aim of increasing the level of scientific development, Meddikal has been established, proceeding from the point that information gains value when shared, utilizing a core skeleton comprising physicians who have resided abroad for many years;

  • With the aim to provide language solutions for doctors and medical institutions in Turkey for any language problems at global quality,
  • To contribute to the Turkish language many valuable publications prepared abroad,
  • To increase the number of successful publications realized at international standards in our country
  • Bilimsel gelişmişlik düzeyimizi artırmak amacıyla kurulmuştur.

MEDDİKAL, which has attracted the attention of the business World and the medical sector with with its quality studies and ISO-based work flow system, has demonstrated success in many commercial publications and translation projects.

Apart from the team of over 75 doctors specialized in medical translation and 4 foreign language specialists in its core, our group Works with a Professional team of 11 doctors who have received medical faculty education or side discipline training abroad.

Our group, which is unrivalled with the services it provides regarding publications and translation, and with regard to quality principles, will always stand by the Turkish doctors and the medical companies in this globalizing world.

One of the reasons for prefering Meddikal is that it does not work with individuals who are not physicians. The translation and editing services are carried out by physicians ONLY.



After having received successful feedbacks in foreign publications by academics who entrusted Meddikal ’s experience over many years and the work quality, we provided services for all of the University Hospitals in Turkey. You know …


All translations and editings have been confirmed by Meddikal with regard to language and Professional talents, and the translations are perforemd by our team comprising doctors experienced in languages. Goal of our group: to …

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